Chemical Health Assessments

  • Chemical health assessments are designed to collect biological, social, psychological and historical personal data during an individual meeting with a licensed professional. This information is obtained through the use of diagnostic screening tools and an interview style format.
  • The information obtained during this assessment will be examined to determine your personal level of involvement related to your substance use before the assessor makes formal recommendations to assist you in improving your well-being.
  • NPS Services is dedicated to supporting you in providing unbiased and objective chemical health assessments conducted by experienced and licensed assessors. NPS Services will work closely with you to develop a suitable action plan to meet your immediate needs, taking into consideration your personal objectives and desires.
  • Chemical health assessments contain confidential information and therefore this information will only be released to third parties after you have provided consent by signing a release of information form.
  • Contact NPS Services to schedule an assessment if you have been required to undergo a chemical health assessment as a result of an arrest where substance use may have been an issue, or if you or someone else is concerned about your personal use of alcohol or other substances.
  • NPS Services does not accept insurance for chemical health assessment. Payment is expected in full at the time of your appointment.

Remember: Filing a claim for a chemical health evaluation will make the assessment a part of permanent medical records, which may be used to determine a wide variety of opportunities later in life.

Standard Assessment

Expedited Assessment

(Assessments completed within 24-48 hours to meet probation deadlines.)